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As much as we try, we will never hear or learn of all the stories held in the minds and hearts of military veterans.  Some stories have been made famous through published books and motion pictures.  Others have been told in person and will remain as memories for those who were lucky enough to hear, first hand.  The 307th BG Veteran's Association has a determined effort to store as many personal stories of our veterans as possible.
How proud can we possibly be, seeing our next adult generation accepting the honor and responsibility to procure, store andJeerson Nickel
present the historic memories of Military Veterans, starting with WWII.

This is the story of a Kickstarter Project Presented by ParadeRest of Virginia.


A Remarkable Effort to Keep the Memories of our Veterans Alive Forever and Always!

A Nickel for your Story is an effort to record the stories of veterans, starting with those from WWII, to preserve these invaluable and increasingly rare accounts for future generations. Using the funding from a Kickstarter program, college student interns will record the stories of veterans and present the veteran a silver, WWII era Jefferson nickel; the very coins carried in the pockets and purses of these men and women during the 1940s. In addition to recording the stories, students will transcribe and publish the stories, which will be accessible from the 307th Archives on our website.

Each recording will be searchable in the 307thBG Archives and submitted to the Library of Congress as part of the Veterans History Project.
Here’s a sample:   The Nickel for Your Story story!

For your donation to the Kickstarter Fundraiser, your name will be recognized on the project’s webpage. Here’s what your donation will help to fund:

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