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  A collection of Documentary Films by Dr. Pat Scannon

 Last Flight Home

The Last Flight Home documentary, a film about the BentProp Project’s work in the isles of Palau, is intertwined with the story of the 307th Bomb Group. In fact the BentProp Project began with the discovery of a winf and  bent propeller of a downed 307th BG  B-24.  The propeller was jutting out of the water, resting just off one of Palau’s ubiquitous rock islands in the warm, calm shallow waters that hold so many of Palau’s mysteries.
The wing, and Dr Scannon’s explanation of BentProp’s beginning appears in the documentary along with the stories of three missing aircraft, the men who crewed them and the families affected by their loss. One of the featured stories is that of Tommy Doyle, the son
of a 307th BG tail gunner.

The Last Flight Home documents the story of Dr. Patrick Scannon's work searching for and finding missing World War II aircraft and the MIAs associated with them in Palau. A ferocious battleground nearly forgotten by history, yet more than 200 US aircraft went down on and around the islands. Almost half of those with crew now listed as Missing In Action. Over 60 years ago all the families got was a telegram. Whereabouts unknown, Missing In Action. And over the generations these families have refused to forget and refused to stop waiting. For an answer, for their return, for some clue as to what happened. Surprising though it may be, hope has remained. Then, the phone call out of the blue, "Are you the nephew of Arthur Miller?", finally brings the answers. Dr. Scannon furthers his research into the MIAs of Palau. Scouring the National Archives, After Action Reports, and interviews
with veterans of the campaign, no stone left unturned. Scannon's small team of self funded private citizens have taken on these tasks simply as a way of thanking the missing and their families for the sacrifices made decades ago. Our film follows the story of three searches in Palau and the families touched by the work. Filmed over the course of nearly six years and seven expeditions to Palau, where we thought the adventure was to be found. It was our delight to discover the adventure and heart of the story here in the U.S. with the families."

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The 307th Bomb Group highly recommends the Last Flight Home film and appreciates the help and partnership of the BentProp Project to locate our missing heroes. ORDER NOW

Searching for Heroes (2014) with Anderson Cooper 
View the lastest update on the Bent Prop Project, as seen on "60 Minutes" CBS News Sunday November 23, 2014. Their efforts to help search for downed World War II aircraft and their missing crewmen are putting Stockbridge High School robotics students' work in the limelight on CBS-TV's "60 Minutes." Anderson Cooper presents a "60 Minutes" segment about the BentProp Project's 2014 expedition to Palau, a western Pacific Ocean island that is about 500 miles from the Philippines and site of one of the 307th Bombardment Group's fiercest air battles.


CBS 60 Minutes Broadcast with Cooper Anderson
November 23, 2014
Please excuse the advertising...after all, it is TV.

Questions about the Bent Prop Project?
Jim McCabe, Historian
307th BG Assoc.